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Just As Beautiful Magazine is “the UK’s No.1 lifestyle magazine for curvy women”. It is also the number one magazine in Britain and Europe catering to the curvy and plus-size market, and is available in both printed and digital formats.

Following a market trial late December 2006, the first issue of Just As Beautiful Magazine was published in January 2007. Since then, thousands of people have (and continue) to subscribe to the UK’s official mouthpiece for curvy, real-size and plus-size women.

In September 2010 we launched our debut print issue and the whole world took notice of Just As Beautiful Magazine. This led to us being featured by countless national and international media organisations including newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.

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Published towards the middle of every other month, Just As Beautiful Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which offers readers valuable and exclusive information on curvy and plus-size celebrities, fashion, beauty, modeling, health, entertainment and real life stories.

Just As Beautiful Magazine
is also used by both British and international media to reach the curvy and plus-size market.
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